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2022 in Review

What a year!

I’ve tried so many new things this year, let some passed, and will keep doing some. Time to recap!

Learned to draw

By pencil, for real. The most useful draw I made to date is how to make a knot to lengthen the bamboo string, for wrapping Vietnamese traditional cake. And that’s it. I’m quickly losing interest after that.

Got a driving license

I could’ve got it sooner, but I have been thinking what’s the point of getting one when you don’t own a car? I got both of them now, and just did a roadtrip all around the highlands and coastlines in the country. I’ve done a roadtrip using motorbike a long time ago, but the car made it better. I even brought my bicycle along to exercise sometimes!

Learned freestyle swimming

I’ve attempted to learn it many years before without success, but this year I made it. The only secret is practice, practice, and practice again. After knowing how, I’m trying to learn Total Immersion style also, not 100% success yet, but let’s say 80 and wait for the next summer. Ah in the meantime, I’ve learned to surf the waves with a board also!

Learned to play the piano

I learned how to play flute a long time ago. When I didn’t have anything to do and was boring to death. I’ve tried to learn the guitar after that, but without success. In the Covid time, I tried again. But then gave up, the second time. I’ve learned classical style in the first attempt, and the chord style in the second but still don’t get it, maybe the third will be. But till then, I’ve learned to play the piano! My secret is the Simply Piano app. I have almost given up until I found the app. Now I can play at least 3 not-so-simple songs, I would say it surpassed my expectation. Bought a Roland piano now, and will keep playing it till I got enough money to upgrade to one of the Sons.

For the next year

No new apps this year. But got 2 in the incubator right now, will be released in the beginning of next year, one to learn to play the piano, and the second have some things to do with images.

Hope for another new year of new things to come!

Written on December 29, 2022.