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Bye Feedly! Hi NetNewsWire!

I’ve read news from RSS feeds since forever. After Google discontinued Google Reader, I’ve switched to Feedly and use it happily ever since. Until now.

I just discover the NetNewsWire RSS reader app which is both on macOS and iOS, and data can be synchronized using iCloud. Offline-first and cloud-sync is the best duo ever. That’s the main reason I love using Logseq, Apple Mail, Apple Photos, and some more of Apple products. “Your data only exists on our cloud” doesn’t convince me to stay with cloud products anymore.

The migration is quite seamlessly, you just need to export .opml file from Feedly and then import it to NetNewsWire using iCloud account. Then you’re set.

Good riddance, Feedly, and thanks for all the fish!

Written on July 3, 2022.