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Electron with React: How to open a native dialog

Recently I’m building a desktop app for developers who are working with plain text: PlainBelt. It uses Electron with React boilerplate (ERB), and the old mighty remote module won’t work anymore.

So how can we open a native dialog without the remote module?

Register event handler on the Main process

In ERB, the Main filename happens to be main.dev.ts:

  async (_event: IpcMainInvokeEvent, filters: FileFilter[]) => {
    const files = await dialog.showOpenDialog({
      properties: ['openFile'],

    let content = '';
    if (files) {
      const buffer = await promisify(fs.readFile)(files.filePaths[0]);
      content = buffer.toString();
    return content;

This function will open a native dialog with options that you define on filters and return an object that contains a list of file paths. We just read the first file content and return it to the renderer.

Invoke from Renderer process

From a React component, we can invoke the registered handler in Main:

  const [content, setContent] = useState()

  const handleOpen = async () => {
    const filters = [{ name: 'Text Files', extensions: ['txt'] }];
    const content = await ipcRenderer.invoke('open-file', filters);

We get the content back, now do whatever you want with it!

Written on July 24, 2021.