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Restart Golang Goroutines

In some cases such as distributing the workload between ECS tasks, we need to restart our workers, which are Goroutines in our case, base on the number of ECS tasks to reassign partitions to the Goroutines on the same task.

Suppose we got 100 database partitions, if we had 1 ECS task, then all the workers on that task will be responsible for all 100 partitions. But when we scale the service to 20 ECS tasks, each task will be responsible for only 5 partitions, hence we need to restart the Goroutines and assign them 5 partitions only.

How would we do that? Here it is:

func (w *worker) run(ctx context.Context) {
	partitions := make(chan []int)

	// Partition worker
	go w.partitionWorker.start(ctx, partitions)

	// Variable to cancel context
	var partCtx context.Context
	_, partCancel := context.WithCancel(ctx)

	for {
		select {
		case parts := <-partitions:
			partCtx, partCancel = context.WithCancel(context.TODO())
			go w.jobWorker.start(partCtx, parts)

		case <-ctx.Done():
			// Wait for jobWorker to finish
			time.Sleep(3 * time.Second)

Written on November 12, 2021.