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Shell fuzzy search using fzf on Fish

I mostly use an IDE for coding these days, but vim keybindings mode will be on and the terminal window with a proper shell must always be opened.

I wouldn’t want to code without CLI, and Fish shell with fzf fuzzy search brought it up to another level. In combination with many fancy things that are developed for the CLI recently, I feel very excited. Another reason to believe that CLI will live on forever!

Now for my new setup with Fish and fzf.

1, Fish first

brew install fish

2, Then fisher

curl -sL https://git.io/fisher | source && fisher install jorgebucaran/fisher

3, Then fzf.fish

fisher install PatrickF1/fzf.fish

4, And multiple fancy small stuffs

cargo install bat fd-find lsd

5, Then configure the key bindings

Mine are:

fzf_configure_bindings --directory=\ct --processes=\ck

Enjoy the magic of CLI!

Written on July 8, 2022.