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Webpack critical CSS plugin

If you don’t already know what critical CSS is, then do get some insights for your web, read the reference about optimizing CSS delivery, and I’ll meet you here after. Really, just do it.

We use Django for some of our web projects for the server side. And with support from django-webpack-loader, now we can use Webpack in the client side, using massive libraries from Nodejs world to power our frontend part. We feel very happy about this integration.

And now I have to find a library support generate critical CSS from our CSS bundler, and put only that to <head>, not all our CSS build.

Some of them do exists. But it may do more work than I want: modify HTML / exact CSS file out of Webpack build process, or it is just a library that can output a critical CSS file. Yeah, time for me to write the plugin I want myself.

So what do I want?

I want a plugin that can get the CSS output from latest Webpack build step, do some magic to get critical CSS from that, then output an additional CSS file for me, then I’ll decide what to do with it later.

You can do exactly that with a plugin that wrap around a serious critical CSS extractor. I choose penthouse to do the heavy work, follow the guide on how to write a Webpack plugin, I create webpack-critical-css-plugin for you to use.

Take a look, and send some PRs!

Now for it to work with django-webpack-loader, put your second CSS build (the critical CSS) in the head, and put the first one (the original CSS) in the body.

Try it, then re-check your web score in Google PageSpeed Insights!

Written on February 1, 2018.